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Welcome to the latest addition to our site. This blog was created to allow us to share some of the things we have learned about Storybook Homes with you.

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A new Cottage development underway 29 Jul 2009

Storybook Homes is very excited to be working on a Cotswold Village themed project together with a developer near Rogers, Arkansas on Beaver Lake. Please visit this web site for more details If you contact them directly, please let you know that you found them through our site.

Downsizing is in! 1 Oct 2008

You may have heard, AIA (American Institute of Architects) has revealed a trend in the downsizing of new homes being built(1). The “average size of a new home has increased almost 50% over the last three decades“, according to the report.  2008 will be the first year since the 60’s to see a decreasing in […]

Saleability in a Down Market 25 Sep 2008

We are all very aware of the current mortgage crisis and downturn in the housing markets. I’ve been asked on many occasions and had a number of discussions with people about the future of the housing markets. Questions such as, “How do I protect my investment?” “Is now the right time to build or buy?” […]

See our Custom Cottage on NBC Today Show 14 Mar 2007

The national television “Early Today Show” on NBC just recently aired a television clip of one of our custom designed cottages! We were so excited and honored. The show aired on the morning of March 13, 2007 and you can find a link to it on our Custom Cottage web page if you would like […]

Interior Design Tips 4 (ceilings) 10 Jan 2007

Oh where, oh where, have the beautiful ceilings all gone? This article about ceilings. Please don’t overlook the importance, interest, and beauty that ceilings can contribute to your cottage. I think too many people overlook the importance and beauty that a ceiling can contribute to any room. Let’s face it, if you really want to […]

Interior Design Tips for the Cottage 3 (short comment about flooring) 4 Dec 2006

There are just a few more things I would like to mention about flooring before we go on to the next interior feature, along with some other interesting historical facts as well. Historically, softwoods were common and given a “dry-scrubbed look”. This look was created by scattering damp sand which when swept up would pick […]

Interior Design Tips for the Cottage 2 (comforts, floors) 2 Dec 2006

Let’s start out this segment by quoting some who say, “practicality must take precedence over appearance“. This, we believe, is not necessarily true. Your cottage can be charming and quaint in appearance and very comfortable and cozy inside. After all, charming, quaint, and cozy are all very synonymous with the word cottage and when we […]