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Welcome to the latest addition to our site. This blog was created to allow us to share some of the things we have learned about Storybook Homes with you.

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Old glass windows; Solid or Liquid? 26 Nov 2006

There is much debate about whether or not glass is actually a solid or a liquid. There have been many claims, especially by tour guides of very old churches, that glass is a liquid because there is an apparent “sagging” or “glass flow” in the glass at the bottom of each pane or piece of […]

Considering the site & Orientation of cottage 25 Nov 2006

To some it may not matter if the perfect site is chosen before they pick the perfect cottage to build upon it. However, many choose the perfect cottage and then find just the right site to place it on. Either way you go, considering the site in relation to your cottage or your cottage in […]

Interior Design Tips for the English Cottage 1 24 Nov 2006

We have received numerous questions regarding interior design tips and guidelines, so we have decided to address some of these questions and post them on this blog over the next few months. There is A LOT to say regarding this so it will take some time. We will be referring from our own design experience […]

A Brief History of Storybook Style (Continued) 18 Nov 2006

In neighborhoods of the 1920’s, it is not unusual to see Colonial Revival, Spanish Colonial, Mediterranean, Stock-broker Tudor mixed with Bungalows, Modern homes and stock plans – and, occasionally a Storybook style home. Where did the Storybook Style home come from? The answer probably goes back to 18th century England. The Picturesque school of design […]

What is Storybook Style? 9 Oct 2006

Storybook Style describes a kind of architecture reminiscent of medieval Europe and reflects upon many Period Revival styles  such as French Country, Tudor, Normandy, and Mediterranean. However, Storybook Style is not necessarily a literal recreation, if you will, of any one style, but may be a creative interpretation that captures the quality of being picturesque, […]

Why the “Jetty” for an Upper Floor 5 Oct 2006

Have you ever wondered why some of the old European cottages, which have more than one story, have successive cantilevered floors (“jettied”) which give them a “top heavy” look? Originally, during the Middle Ages, when additional stories to cottages or buildings were built, cottage builders first used relatively flat floor joists which were laid directly […]

Do you have any Questions about Storybook Homes? 5 Oct 2006

Are there any questions you may have that we can answer?