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Downsizing is in! 1 Oct 2008

You may have heard, AIA (American Institute of Architects) has revealed a trend in the downsizing of new homes being built(1). The “average size of a new home has increased almost 50% over the last three decades“, according to the report.  2008 will be the first year since the 60’s to see a decreasing in […]

Saleability in a Down Market 25 Sep 2008

We are all very aware of the current mortgage crisis and downturn in the housing markets. I’ve been asked on many occasions and had a number of discussions with people about the future of the housing markets. Questions such as, “How do I protect my investment?” “Is now the right time to build or buy?” […]

Do you have any Questions about Storybook Homes? 5 Oct 2006

Are there any questions you may have that we can answer?

Cost to build a Storybook Home 27 Sep 2006

Many clients request information about the building costs for a Storybook Home. The answer is,… it all depends. Actual costs depend on location and what materials and fixtures you choose to use. We have specified materials for our cottages which could be considered very “high-end”. We suggest utilizing the most beautiful materials and fixtures you […]