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Interior Design Tips 4 (ceilings) 10 Jan 2007

Oh where, oh where, have the beautiful ceilings all gone? This article about ceilings. Please don’t overlook the importance, interest, and beauty that ceilings can contribute to your cottage. I think too many people overlook the importance and beauty that a ceiling can contribute to any room. Let’s face it, if you really want to […]

Interior Design Tips for the Cottage 3 (short comment about flooring) 4 Dec 2006

There are just a few more things I would like to mention about flooring before we go on to the next interior feature, along with some other interesting historical facts as well. Historically, softwoods were common and given a “dry-scrubbed look”. This look was created by scattering damp sand which when swept up would pick […]

Interior Design Tips for the Cottage 2 (comforts, floors) 2 Dec 2006

Let’s start out this segment by quoting some who say, “practicality must take precedence over appearance“. This, we believe, is not necessarily true. Your cottage can be charming and quaint in appearance and very comfortable and cozy inside. After all, charming, quaint, and cozy are all very synonymous with the word cottage and when we […]

Interior Design Tips for the English Cottage 1 24 Nov 2006

We have received numerous questions regarding interior design tips and guidelines, so we have decided to address some of these questions and post them on this blog over the next few months. There is A LOT to say regarding this so it will take some time. We will be referring from our own design experience […]