Storybook Hardware
The jewelry for your cottage

Now you can order Storybook Hardware for all your Entry Sets, Door Knobs, Escutcheons, Door Hinges, etc., directly from us. We also do custom work to provide you with completely unique pieces of hardware if you wish. Our hardware is solid bronze, hand finished and exclusively made by Hackwell & Company, in the USA.

Storybook Hardware

Home Hardware.

Individual Expression

Declare your personal style. Six distinctive colors range from brilliantly polished, to rich medium tones, to subdued brown and black. Patina finishes are applied to each piece, carefully worked by hand to a warm, natural cast. Bright finishes are meticulously polished to a stunning jewelry quality.


Bronze finishes will transform gracefully with time, becoming deeper, darker tones. With use, casting color highlights are gradually revealed on frequently touched areas. As with casting variations, patina colors vary from piece to piece, defining individual character.

To learn more about our hardware or to place an order please contact us using our online Contact Form or by calling us at (888) 662-3876.

Download Complete Brochure (pdf 1.8MB)

We are offering a 15% savings off the entire line of Hackwell & Company hardware if you purchase your hardware directly from us. We will also offer a substantial savings of 25% off the retail price of the hardware for those who purchase a set of cottage plans from us.

Hackwell and Company.