The Storybook Collection: Our Cottage Home Plans

We hope you enjoy these Storybook Collections as much as we do. Click on either book to view example cottages. *

Storybook Collection 1: “The Truly Charming Collection”
The Truly Charming Collection.

From 1850 4700 sq. ft.

Order The “Truly Charming Collection” Now.

Storybook Collection 2: “The Truly Tiny Collection”
The Truly Tiny Collection.

From 500 1900 sq. ft.

Order The “Truly Tiny Collection” Now.

The Truly Charming Collection contains 45 cottages and all these cottages are currently available. Please click on the Green Book above to view a sampling of cottages in this collection. You can order this book at anytime, simply click on the Order Book Now within the book or on the Order The Truly Charming Collection Now link above. The Truly Tiny Collection contains 30 cottages. Please click on the Red Book above to view a sampling of these cottages. You can order this book at any time.

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