Plan Sets of Our
Storybook Cottages

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COST OF PLANS: Our original designs from the Truly Charming and Truly Tiny Collections are sold as stock plan sets. These are available in PDF and vellum, both of which are reproducible. All Truly Charming cottages can be purchased in PDF format for $0.50/sq.ft, or $o.50/sq.ft. + $150 in vellum. All Truly Tiny cottages can be purchased in PDF format for $0.50/sq.ft, or $0.50/sq.ft. + $150 in vellum. Study sets, which include elevations and floor plans only in PDF, can be purchased for only $125 for any Truly Charming cottage, and $125 for any Truly Tiny cottage. MODIFICATIONS to our original designs are also available. Costs for modifications vary based on the complexity of the changes requested. Please contact us for an estimate on modifications. CUSTOM DESIGNS are also available. We would love to help you make your dream cottage become a reality. Our custom design fees are typically only $3-$7/sq.ft. depending on the complexity and detailing of project! Let us know how we can help you. Purchasing our cottage plans grants the purchaser the right to use our cottage plans for the construction of ONE cottage only, however, additional licenses can be purchased.

Our typical cottage stock plan sets include the following:

  1. General Specifications and Notes, includes suggestions and guidelines for constructing and finishing off your cottage, including a list of various sources to help you find the embellishments to adorn your cottage.
  2. Foundation plans, which includes both a crawl space and a full 9′ basement foundation plans, so you can choose to build on either one.
  3. Exterior elevations showing the front, rear, and sides of the cottage, including suggested exterior materials and details.
  4. Floor plans of the main floor plan along with the upper floor plan (if a two-story cottage) showing all interior walls and the dimensions of rooms, doors, windows, stairways, and other important aspects of the cottage.
  5. Cross sections and other Details includes necessary views and specifications to help your contractor and craftsman in building your cottage.
  6. Upper floor framing plans are included with two story cottages.
  7. Roof plan shows the roof pitches and shapes for all the gables, dormers, and turrets, including other elements of the roof such as vents and cupolas.
  8. Door and Window Schedule showing all suggested door and window sizes and designs, including hardware and grid patterns.
  9. Simple Schematic electrical layouts which show the suggested locations for switches, fixtures, jacks and outlets, for both copper wire and fiber-optic lines. Our cottages appear to be old, but they are designed with modern day technological conveniences.
  10. Detached Carriage House (if applicable) showing all the necessary elevations, foundation, details and cross-sections.
  11. Suggested Plant list for a Cottage Garden lists plants that are perfectly suitable for the garden with special emphasis on water conservation. Remember, it’s the curb appeal that really counts!

Please call us if you have any questions about ordering our architectural cottage plan sets. We sell Construction drawings in PDF and vellum. That way, you can make copies as you need them.

NOTE: Every state, county, and/or city has its own building codes, zoning requirements, and ordinances. It may be necessary for you to have your cottage plan modified by a local designer and licensed engineer to comply with such ordinances. Our plan sets do not come with an engineer stamp.