See our Custom Cottage on NBC Today Show

The national television “Early Today Show” on NBC just recently aired a television clip of one of our custom designed cottages! We were so excited and honored. The show aired on the morning of March 13, 2007 and you can find a link to it on our Custom Cottage web page if you would like to view it. The location of this cottage is in Colleyville Texas and it has just recently been completed.

These clients sent us some of their requirements on what type rooms they needed, what the basic floor plan ideas they had in mind and some design elements they wanted incorporated into the plan.

We gathered all their information and created for them quite a unique house. These particular owners wanted a lot of whimsical storybook style elements and features. This house can actually be seen on our Custom Cottage web page, it is the image on the bottom.

It’s been great to work with these clients because they gave us some good guidelines but more importantly, they gave us enough liberty to really express our ideas and then we blending them all into something that the clients really love. Great projects like these are very satisfying.

This particular cottage has all kinds of special features such as; incredible swayed roof lines, crooked chimneys, mushroom shaped chimney pots, custom made odd-shaped windows, a turret with custom copperwork and finial, a one-of-a-kind front door and entry, flared roofs, diamond paned windows, stained/leaded glass, etc, etc., etc., and that is only on the outside, the inside has even more whimsical features and embellishments to list here.

There are going to be a lot more of the same great storybook style homes popping up throughout the country as this style becomes more and more popular.

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