What is Storybook Style?

Storybook Style describes a kind of architecture reminiscent of medieval Europe and reflects upon many Period Revival styles  such as French Country, Tudor, Normandy, and Mediterranean. However, Storybook Style is not necessarily a literal recreation, if you will, of any one style, but may be a creative interpretation that captures the quality of being picturesque, quaint and charming in appearance. Often, there is an element of whimsy and creative playfulness on the part of the designer that separates Storybook Style homes from their more formal cousins.

Some such homes appeared on the scene in America during the 1920’s, just before the Great Depression, but examples of them are rare. Perhaps you have seen some. There are a few examples of existing houses that are well-crafted and masterfully built, truly capturing the flavor and spirit of flair of a Storybook Style home. Here are a few links:
Normandy Village, and eight unit apartment building in Berkeley, CA. http://www.berkeleyheritage.com/towngown/normandyvillage.jpg
The famous Spadena House, a product of film industry craftsmen. http://www.architecturaltoursla.com/gallerypages/11.htm
Many good examples can be found at: http://www.storybookers.com

(See postings below for continual comments on the history of Storybook Style in the US)


  1. Do you have any pictures of finished cottages that your customers have built. I like the sketches but would really like to see some finished pictures/galleries. Thanks

  2. Glad you asked! We are working on a new page for our web site and there should be some photos posted on it in the next week or so. They are of a custom cottage we designed being built in Texas. We hope more pictures will follow soon from other clients across the country. We will get them posted on the web site as soon as we receive them.